Smithsonian Exhibit Gives Pride of Place to Oak Bluffs
Steve Myrick
The Smithsonian Institution's new National Museum of African American Culture and History documents the story of the African American community in Oak Bluffs.
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Celebrating History, Sense of Community in Oak Bluffs
Ivy Ashe
Olive Tomlinson remembered the cottages and the shared car rides, the simplicity of summer life. With just a few phrases, Jessica Harris evoked memories of front porches and morning swims.
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Smithsonian Recognizes African American Legacy in Oak Bluffs
Alex Elvin

In the years when much of America was racially segregated, Oak Bluffs was a place of refuge for African Americans. The town will be included an in upcoming permanent Smithsonian exhibit in Washington, D.C. An event will be held Thursday at the Union Chapel.

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Oak Bluffs Town Column: Feb. 21
Skip Finley

The news of the Smithsonian Institute including Oak Bluffs in an exhibit in the National Museum of African American History and Culture is spreading and creating much excitement. People are proud that our small town will be nationally acknowledged for its contributions to black history, appropriately enough with this announcement in February.

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Smithsonian Celebrates History Of African Americans in Oak Bluffs
Olivia Hull
Oak Bluffs is one of 10 communities included in a national exhibit planned to inaugurate the The National Museum of African American History and Culture.
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