Dead Whale Washes Up at South Beach

Norton Point will be closed to swimmers and vehicle traffic Wednesday to accommodate efforts to remove a dead fin whale.

Norton Point Reopens After Dead Whale Taken to Sea

Norton Point was reopened Wednesday morning after a dead fin whale was towed out to sea.

Rebounding Shorebirds Flock to Sandy Expanse at Norton Point

The sky above Norton Point Beach was swarming with terns on a cloudy day this week, as tiny chicks — newly hatched and full of life — raced around on the sand below.

Short-Lived Breach at Norton Point Closes

The recent opening on Chappaquiddick appears to have closed again. On Saturday afternoon Edgartown artist Dana Gaines photographed the barrier beach — dry and dotted with surfcasters.

Norton Point Open Again to Oversand Vehicles

With the Norton Point breach now closed, vehicle traffic is again allowed on the barrier beach connecting Edgartown and Chappaquiddick.

Norton Point Breach Closing Benefits Birds, Shellfish

The closure of the Norton Point breach on Chappaquiddick after eight years will likely benefit oyster farms and shorebirds in one of the Island’s most pristine natural environments, several experts said this week.

Land Meets Land; Norton Point Breach Closes

As of early in the morning on April 2, Chappaquiddick was no longer an island completely separated from Martha’s Vineyard. Nearly eight years after a northeaster cut a breach in the three-mile barrier beach that connects Edgartown with the smaller island, the Norton Point breach had closed.

Norton Point Breach Nears End Point

The blizzard of 2015 spared Norton Point, the long barrier beach that is about to reconnect Chappaquiddick to the rest of the Vineyard, from further breaching. Chris Kennedy, superintendent for The Trustees of Reservations, reported Thursday that the breach remained as it was before the storm.

Citizen Scientists Zoom in on Norton Point Breach

The Norton Point breach has been part of an ongoing cycle of nature. The current breach began seven years ago, and as a result erosion on Chappaquiddick has intensified.

Some Fee Hikes Approved for OSVs at Norton Point Beach

Fees are going up for over-sand vehicle permits, as the Trustees of Reservations work to enhance stewardship and generate more revenue for the fragile barrier beach. The county commission approved hikes to annual permits, but held off on approval for daily pass increases.