Oak Bluffs Town Column: May 23

You may have forgotten how blue the sky can get. Fresh paint in the hot sun smells great, unless you’re the one with the brush of course. And then comes the rainbow colors of cars parked at State Beach.

Oak Bluffs Town Column: May16

If you’re here, take a ride — just about every building on Circuit avenue is being updated. If you’re longing for your return trip, it will be finished when you arrive.

Oak Bluffs Town Column: May 9

Of 52 Island beaches only the Inkwell has been the subject and title of a movie, even though none of it was shot on the Island. Historical reports indicate that Martin Luther King Jr. swam there, along with countless other celebrities, film and television personalities

Oak Bluffs Town Column: May 2

When the Oak Bluffs Land & Wharf Company built Oak Bluffs, the homes, hotels and buildings were constructed of wood, perhaps, as my father suggested, out of Loblolly pine — a fast-growing tree grown throughout the southeast coast. Clay from the old brickyard in Menemsha was used for bricks. Making bricks from clay required heat by burning wood, and from the mid 1700s to 1930 when the yard operated, this consumption of both proved unsustainable. As a result, my family home, for example, is one of only a few with a brick basement in the Cottage City Historic District.

Oak Bluffs Town Column: April 25

In 1869 Lucy P. Vincent Smith and her whaling captain husband found housing for their son and were able to take a short vacation.

Oak Bluffs Town Column: April 18

Involved with another project at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, I fortuitously came across Lucy P. Vincent Smith, who was asked in 1929 to write about the Cottage City of 50 years prior.