In Race for Offshore Wind, Three New Bids
Noah Asimow

Three offshore wind developers, including Vineyard Wind, have submitted bids to build the state’s second offshore wind farm — even as the first one remains mired in permitting issues.

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Vineyard Wind Lands Second Offshore Lease
Steve Myrick

The New Bedford-based company already developing one wind farm south of the Vineyard was one of three that won the right to develop additional wind farms in a highly competitive auction.

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No More Stalling on Offshore Wind
Ann Berwick
This is about offshore wind in Massachusetts.
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State Offshore Wind Contracts Delayed
Landry Harlan
The award of offshore wind contracts with state utility companies has been delayed until May 23.
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President Trump Expands Wind Leases Off Martha's Vineyard
Julia Wells

The Trump administration will expand wind energy leases off Martha’s Vineyard, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior announced Friday.

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