Old Whaling Church to Serve as Homeless Shelter This Winter
Noah Asimow
The Old Whaling Church in Edgartown has been secured as a temporary winter shelter for homeless individuals, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital officials announced Wednesday.
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Taylor Time at the Old Whaling Church
Livingston Taylor has been playing music on the Vineyard for over 50 years and he will continue playing here on Friday, August 23 at the Old Whaling Church.
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Twin Celebrity Impersonators at the Whaling Church
Anthony and Eddie are the Edward Twins, celebrity impersonators from Las Vegas.
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Previn Concert Is Homecoming Gift to the Vineyard
Laurence Michie

It’s a homecoming of sorts, and a kindness to the community.

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Messiah Concert
More than 30 singers from across the Island will fill the Old Whaling Church with sounds of Handel’s Messiah, Part I on Saturday, Dec. 22, beginning at 8 p.m.
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The Joy of Savvy Comedy With Says You!
Landry Harlan
Whimsical wordplay and colloquial comedy are coming to the Vineyard next week with a live performance of the hit radio quiz show Says You!
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Patty Griffin Rises Again With New Take on Music and Touring
Holly Gleason

Patty Griffin has built a life of traveling the world and singing her carefully framed miniatures. Three decades into her career, the woman regarded as an “artist’s artist” realized things needed to change.

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Whaling Church Faulted for Poor Accessibility
Sara Brown
The Edgartown selectmen were asked this week to take a look at accessibility issues for town meetings, which are held at the Old Whaling Church.
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Preservation Society Gains Historic Whaling Church
Hollis L. Engley
The trustees of Edgartown’s stately, pillared Methodist Church have voted to transfer ownership of the building to the Martha’s Vineyard Historical Preservation Society. The gift of the 137-year-old church of whaling days ends years of struggle by the small congregation to keep the building, and opens the way to the creation of the largest year-round auditorium on the Island.
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A Semi-Centennial
Vineyard Gazette
Three days of perfect October sunshine marked the observance of the fiftieth birthday of the noble church building which for half a century has been the pride of Edgartonians, regardless of denomination.
Located upon the main street, directly on the line of travel from the railroad station to the various hotels, for years it has attracted the admiration and wonder of the passing stranger - admiration for its beauty, yet simplicity, of architecture, and wonder at finding a church edifice of such grand proportions in a small seaport town.
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