Upon A Pole Our Vineyard Osprey Nest
Mark Alan Lovewell

The osprey, once a seriously threatened Vineyard bird, has made a significant recovery. The osprey population on the Vineyard has doubled and doubled again in recent years. The recovery comes from a well proven nesting pole program developed by Gus Ben David, director of Massachusetts Audubon’s Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Osprey Nest in Record Numbers This Year
Aaron Wilson
A record number of osprey nests were reported this year on Martha’s Vineyard, marking a new milestone for the once-threatened migratory birds. Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary reported 106 active nests this year.
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Osprey Rescue Shows Nature Is Not All Happy Endings
Noah Asimow
Island naturalist Gus Ben David has helped return 400-pound sea turtles to the ocean and helped return struggling, orphaned great horned owls to the skies. But nature isn’t a Disney movie. And that was never more clear than on Monday.
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New Children's Book Takes Flight With Help of Local Osprey
Alison L. Mead
Rob Bierregaard's first children's book inhabits a world he is both familiar with and passionate about. Belle's Journey: An Osprey Takes Flight tells the story of a real-life young osprey finding her wings and traveling the world.
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Monitors Needed for Osprey, Horseshoe Crabs

Spring means osprey nesting and horseshoe crab spawning, and Felix Neck is looking for volunteers to keep an eye on the animals.

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Island Osprey Reach Record High Numbers
Sara Brown

With record numbers of nests and chicks successfully fledged, 2016 has been a banner year for osprey on Martha’s Vineyard.

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Orphaned Osprey Need Not Fear; Island Bird Savior to the Rescue
Alex Floyd

Naturalist Gus Ben David has handled everything from gigantic snakes to enormous birds of prey, but the latest creature under his care is less intimidating and quite a bit more endearing: a baby osprey recently rescued on Chappaquiddick. Mr. Ben David has been feeding and housing the small raptor.

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Osprey Numbers Are In
Susan B. Whiting
The 2014 inventory found there were 119 active osprey nests on the Island. If I did my math correctly, we had 63 successful nests.
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Collaboration Key to Helping Osprey Soar
Olivia Hull

It’s been a record-breaking year for Vineyard osprey, the majestic raptor that now nests on the Island in greater numbers than ever before.

Home to only two breeding pairs in 1970, the Island can now count 83 such pairs of osprey among its avian residents.

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Ospreys' Winning Year
Susan B. Whiting
Gus Ben David and crew’s osprey poles are now the proud surfaces on which 83 osprey pairs are nesting.
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