Make Way for Plover Chicks: Cape Pogue Closed to Vehicle Traffic

Cape Pogue Wildlife Refuge has been closed to vehicle traffic to protect newly-hatched piping plover chicks.

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Norton Point Open Again to Oversand Vehicles

With the Norton Point breach now closed, vehicle traffic is again allowed on the barrier beach connecting Edgartown and Chappaquiddick.

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Chappy Beaches Closed to Vehicles After Storm

An early November storm last weekend left behind severe erosion on Chappaquiddick beaches. The Trustees of Reservations have temporarily closed all beaches on the Island to over-sand vehicle traffic.

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Cape Pogue Closed to OSVs to Protect Plover Chicks
Cape Pogue Wildlife Refuge is closed to oversand vehicles to protect nesting piping plover chicks, The Trustees of Reservations announced Monday.
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Some Fee Hikes Approved for OSVs at Norton Point Beach

Fees are going up for over-sand vehicle permits, as the Trustees of Reservations work to enhance stewardship and generate more revenue for the fragile barrier beach. The county commission approved hikes to annual permits, but held off on approval for daily pass increases.

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News Update: Saturday, July 16 - Norton Point Beach Opens to Oversand Vehicles

All of Norton Point Beach, on the Edgartown side, has been reopened for oversand vehicle access, The Trustees of Reservations announced Saturday. The piping plover chicks which had been using the eastern end of the beach for feeding have successfully fledged, so under state shorebird guidelines vehicle access is allowed again to this beach.

The Edgartown side of Norton Point Beach stretches for two miles from Left Fork to the Breach in Norton Point.

Swimming in the breach on either the Chappaquiddick or Edgartown side remains strictly prohibited.

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