Pinkletinks Herald Spring's Arrival
Suzan Bellincampi
Pinkletinks are spring peepers, those little frogs with big voices that herald the arrival of spring on our little Island.
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Pinkletinks Sing Telltale Sign of Spring

There’s still a week left of winter, but the seasonal harbingers already have signaled spring’s arrival. On Sunday, Alex Goethals reported the first pinkletinks of the year sounding their call at Lambert's Cove.

Mr. Goethal’s report was seconded by Nancy-Alyce Abbot, who said the hardy spring peepers were singing a symphony near her Lambert’s Cove home on Monday. Beldan and Dave Radcliffe also reported pinkletinks at Pilot Hill Farm in Vineyard Haven on Tuesday.

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Late Night Lounge Lizard Unmasked
Mark Alan Lovewell
The mystery of a nearly invisible tropical pinkletink which took up residence in an Oak Bluffs greenhouse has been solved. The tree frog, originally a native of Puerto Rico and thought to be a former resident of Hawaii, was captured last week by Gus Ben David of Edgartown. “You can’t believe how loud it was,” Mr. Ben David said. “It had a piercing sound. We just couldn’t see it.”
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Peep in the Night: Island Indulges in Yearly Passion for Pinkletinks
Jim Hickey

Something about the songs of those sneaky little night peepers we call pinkletinks is both timely and timeless.

Their peeps mark a specific time each year, that window when the world begins to thaw and a promise of warmer days hangs in the air, but they span the years, too, connecting people to their youth, when they trolled through swamps with a net and a mason jar hoping to catch one of the tiny frogs.

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The Sound of Spring

Beldan Radcliffe alerted the Gazette last Friday that she heard pinkletinks at Pilot Hill Farm on March 10, followed by Karen Huff, who heard peepers, her “favorite sound,” around Farm Pond on March 11. Welcome, harbingers of spring!

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Sounds of Spring

Beldan Radcliffe reports that she heard pinkletinks singing at Pilot Hill Farm on March 7. Hers is the first pinkletink report of the season. Welcome, harbingers of spring!

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