Dropout Rate Rises Slightly, Still Far Below State Average

The graduation rate at Martha’s Vineyard High School remains above the state average, though the 2012 drop-out rate increased over the previous year.

Just over 94 per cent of students graduated in 2012, according to data from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Out of 153 students in the class, 2.6 per cent dropped out. Just over one per cent of students received a GED.

Bridging Gaps One Jabuticaba at a Time

Cord Bailey stood in the doorway of the regional high school culinary arts dining room, aviator shades on, arms crossed. Tantalizing smells of chicken and bacon floated into the hallway. Inside the dining room the annual Brazilian American Friends lunch was taking place. Only 42 lucky students were granted access.

Alumni of Vineyard's Football Program Now Compete at the College Level

On Sept. 21, the Framingham State University football team shut out fellow Division III opponent Bridgewater State University 16-0. It was the lone loss of the season for Bridgewater, which went 9-1 this year, earning a place in the NCAA tournament.

High School SAT Scores Above Average

SAT scores at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School were above the national average in 2012 in the three areas of critical reading, writing and math, high school guidance director Michael McCarthy said this week.

Mr. McCarthy gave his annual report on SAT scores to the high school district committee on Monday night.

On average, Vineyard students performed better than their state peers in all areas except math, where they were behind by five points, Mr. McCarthy said.

School Is Tough, But This Week Is . . .

Preseason practice awaits high school athletes regardless of what sport they play, but only the fall warrants its own moniker: Hell Week, which began this year on August 23. After the relatively lazy days of summer comes a fast-paced week of tryouts and tune-ups. Dawn workouts are considered the standard of Hell Week (some groups prefer the early practices because they allow players to continue their summer jobs a little longer), but on any given day in the week leading up to school you’ll find at least two teams on the fields in both the morning and the late afternoon.

Island Cup Tackles More Than Game

When Charles McGrath wrote about the annual Island Cup game between the Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket football teams for the New Yorker in 1984, he likened it to a fierce sibling rivalry. What mainland team could hope to drum up a rivalry as poignant with either of the Island squads? For all that the Vineyarders can’t stand about the Whalers, they also know that the only football team in the entire country that could possibly understand what it means to be an Islander is that of their brother-in-isolation, Nantucket.

Policy on Rules for High School Athletes Sparks Hot Debate at Committee Meeting

School superintendent Kriner Cash this week blasted a proposed zero-tolerance policy for high school athletes caught using drugs or alcohol, calling it an "ignorant" response to the problem and demanding new consideration of the draft policy.

Superintendent Disputes Aspects of Police Case Against Teacher

Two months after a district court judge ordered a culinary arts teacher at the regional high school to pay back $20,000 he allegedly stole from the school, the Vineyard schools superintendent says he doubts aspects of the police investigation, including estimates of the money involved.

Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash says he is convinced the teacher, Peter Koines, is actually paying back more money than he took.

Immigrant Tensions Seen Among Youth

Increasing tensions at the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School between immigrant and non-immigrant students prompted administrators this week to hold a one-day workshop for 25 students aimed at raising awareness about cultural intolerance and prejudice.

Island Cup Victory Punctuates Season

Island Cup Victory Punctuates Season



With less than four minutes left in the Martha's Vineyard-Nantucket football game Saturday, several Vineyard players snuck up behind special teams, linebacker and tight end coach Stephen Barbee and doused him with a large Gatorade bucket full of ice water.