Vineyard Bookshelf: My Shenandoah

Douglas Cabral, at the beginning of his new book My Shenandoah, freely admits that he is not an unbiased biographer of Vineyard sailing captain Robert Douglas.

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Winds of Freedom Steer Shenandoah to Edgartown Harbor

On Sunday, the last of Shenandoah’s crew arrived for the summer.

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At 90, Capt. Robert Douglas Sets New Course for the Future

Sailors of all ages gathered at Arrowhead Farm in West Tisbury Saturday to celebrate the 90th birthday of Capt. Robert S. Douglas, the legendary captain of the schooner Shenandoah.

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Creative Living Award Goes to Capt. Bob Douglas

The legendary former owner of the topsail schooner Shenandoah will receive the prestigious Creative Living Award for 2020-2021, the Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation announced Wednesday.

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Shenandoah Captain Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

Last Thursday night, Capt. Bob Douglas was honored by Tall Ships America, the largest tall ship education programmer in the world, for his “lifetime of achievement under sail.”

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Schooner Shenandoah Set to Sail Under New Captains

Fifty-six years after sailing into the Vineyard Haven harbor for the first time, Shenandoah ­— the one-of-a-kind, square-rigged topsail schooner ­­— is going to have new owners. Capt Robert Douglas will donate the vessel.

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Waterfront in Tisbury Bustles with Business Life
Mark Alan Lovewell

On the Vineyard Haven waterfront you can see, smell and hear the bustle of activity. The town's boatyards are all party to boat building and launching. Anyone who walks the shores of the town will discover a wide variety of vessels undergoing extensive work. It was a busy winter and there is evidence everywhere.

Maciel Marine, Martha's Vineyard Shipyard and Gannon and Benjamin boatyards are witness to a resurgence in interest in Island built and restored vessels.

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Shenandoah Launched
Marianna Winslow
There was a feeling of excitement and expectation in the air as one arrived at the shipyard of Harvey F. Gamage in South Bristol, Me., Saturday morning.
Arriving at the same time were MacPherson’s Pipers, a seventeen-piece bagpipe band handsomely attired in full dress kilt regimentals of colorful tartan, their immaculate gaiters gleaming white in the water sun.
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Shenandoah Makes It Grandly to Her Home Port
Vineyard Gazette
The extreme clipper schooner, Shenandoah, Capt. Robert S. Douglas, master, arrived at her home port, Vineyard Haven, during the weekend, and is due to sail this week for the Atlantic Ocean with her first passenger list. Named for a U. S. revenue cutter built in 1849, whose hull design and rig have been closely followed, the Shenandoah symbolizes all that was beautiful, judicious and distinct in the sailing craft that made America famous on the seven seas.
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Cruising Through History With Capt. Bob Douglas
Louisa Hufstader

A convivial crowd filled the Black Dog Tavern Wednesday night for the first in this season’s Sail Martha’s Vineyard dinner lectures. Capt. Bob Douglas was the man at the microphone.

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