Improv Impresses

Improv Impresses

Here’s your chance to say, years from now when these teenagers show up on Saturday Night Live or Second City, “I saw them when...”

The IMPers have been accepted once again to the prestigious Teen Comedy Festival in Chicago, and they will show the hometown crowd what they’ve got with a benefit performance next Friday, April 29, at the Grange Hall Theatre in West Tisbury.

Shakespeare Delighted, Irate By Winter’s Tale Reworking

Shakespeare for the Masses is free. It’s also the quickest way to get your Billy the Bard on. Shows clock in at under an hour. Some thee’s and thou’s, here a sonnet, there a sonnet, hopefully a beheading or two and, of course, love olde English style and then you’re back out on the streets of Tisbury pleasantly buzzed if not a bit bewildered by a sudden thirst for vengeance at the injustice some rival king has played upon you.

IMPish Production is Sweet Relief

Mrs. Baker, played by the irrepressible 10-year-old local pop diva Samantha Cassidy, wants a baby and Mr. Baker, the similarly pre-teened Oliver Carson, does not. (On alternate days last weekend these characters were performed by Danielle Hopkins and Jesse Dawson.) Mr. Baker wants a big fat, gingerbread cookie to eat. They fight/sing about it: “Food feeds all your problems unless your problems are food.”

Extra Helpings for High School Musical

The program for last weekend’s high school production of Willy Wonka included this director’s note: What could be more apropos in February than a musical about becoming the owner of the most magical chocolate factory on earth? Yes, the perfect antidote for cabin fever on the Island, extra helpings of dessert.

And there was a voluptuousness to every aspect of the play. There was a cast of thousands, or so it seemed, as the high school drama department all pitched in ladling out chocolaty goodness in every scene.

Chris Abbot Bids Adieu, Again, As Tisbury Theatre Impresario

The scent of mothballs had no chance to cling to Chris Abbot. Last year he retired from his teaching job, which included directing the annual school play at the Tisbury School. But only a few weeks ago, school principal Richie Smith inveigled him to return to the boards for Mr. Abbot’s third pass, rolled out this past weekend, of the musical Bye Bye Birdie.

Music! Right Here on Martha’s Vineyard!

The major repercussion for you, the audience member, of attending a production, anywhere, anytime, of Broadway’s great classic The Music Man, is your own zany behavior the morning after. The moment you open your eyes, you’ll begin a whispered verse, “What can I do, my dear, to make it clear?

Beginner’s Luck Revisited in Tribute

It was in a motel room in Maine in the 70s that it all came together for the young Jon Lipsky.

One-Act Festival Artfully Transforms Quiet Moments into Dramatic Theatre

Everyday life can easily turn into theatre. Political theatre, familial theatre, personal theatre: We encounter it all the time. But good writers and directors can translate that onstage and make the audience connect with a scene they may have never encountered before.

Even better, playwrights, directors and actors can translate it into one-act plays.

Casting Call

Casting Call

Auditions are being held on Thursday, April 21 and Friday, April 22 for ten speaking roles in Policing in America, a video project of Detrick Lawrence Productions of Edgartown. These are paid positions for filming which will take place on May 4 and 5.

Auditions are by appointment and will be held between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. at 140 Cooke street in Edgartown.

Student Theatre

Student Theatre

A silly buffoon and a whiz kid saving the world will be the featured one-act plays performed by students from the charter school at the Vineyard Playhouse on Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2.