End Days: Wacky Comedy Works Wildly Well in Post-9/11 World

Rachel Stein’s dad, Arthur (Adam Heller), after 9/11, had a freak out beyond everyone else’s freak out, but he had a certifiable right to it: One of the infamous planes flew into his office at the Twin Towers. While Arthur somehow muddled into a stairwell and was shepherded out by a fellow with a flashlight, the 65 employees who worked under him were not so lucky. Since then — and the action of the play takes place in 2003 — Arthur has not changed out of his pajamas and he’s starting to, well, stink.

All the World’s A Stage at Tashmoo

Every summer the Vineyard Playhouse presents a Shakespeare play in the al fresco amphitheatre at the Tashmoo Overlook in Vineyard Haven, and those in the know about one of the very “funnest” things to do in the high season, are on hand to appreciate it.

Opera Hits High Notes With Good Gags

Susanna, a Neopolitan countess of the early 1800s, has a segreto, a secret: she smokes. Her husband, Count Gil, an obsessively jealous man — but a perfectly nice fellow in every other way — sniffs tobacco in the palace and draws a logical but preposterous conclusion: Susanna is having an affair with a man who smokes. The pair is at loggerheads, and more than willing to sing about it, courtesy of the great Enrico Wolf-Ferrari. Thus unravels the 15-minute intermezzo comic opera, Il Segretto di Susanna, to the merriment of all.

Othello in Chilmark: Actors, Singers, Dancers Tour the Moor

Verdi on Middle Road? You wouldn’t think anything almost subversively original in the arts could possibly be percolating up this country road. You think you might come upon a corn patch or a pen of prized goats, but not a synthesis of dance, theatre and opera combining Broadway actors, celebrated choreographers and, well, Verdi.

Aye! Pirate Island Promises Treasure

The hit television series Lost tracks the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious island, winks Heather Capece in a sly marketing maneuver. The family play she is directing, Pirate Island, premiering this weekend at the Vineyard Playhouse, toys with the same theme, only with shipwreck survivors washed up on a deserted island.

Scenes From the Small: Fourth Grade Theatre Project Sets Stage for Triumph

To the untrained eye the scene was this: two adults on stage, one speaking in an English accent, the other in a cross between a buccaneer’s snarl and a schoolyard bully. Five kids looked expectantly at their director, an adult on hands and knees, who crawled dramatically across the Vineyard Playhouse stage. The cast watched seriously for a good half-minute before all, director included, erupted into uncontrollable, side-clutching giggles.

High School Students Will Showcase Singular Sensation of A Chorus Line

The tap shoes are on, the ballet slippers tied and the members of the chorus line are ready to kick their heels high.

And on Thursday night, they will do so as the curtain rises at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School Performing Arts Center for the opening performance of A Chorus Line, the longest-running American musical on Broadway.

For 40 Years, a Standing Ovation

Twenty years ago, a quiet nonprofit organization celebrated its 20th anniversary in signature humble style.

Stage and Che’s

Stage and Che’s

Transformational Show

Transformational Show

In their last camp show of the summer, staff and campers of IMP All Things Theatre Camp have spent two weeks creating an entirely new and original show based of the theme of Transformation. This show will feature Shakespeare, story theatre, fables, music and dance as well as a unique improvised plot. Fun for all ages, the show is enjoyable even if you have never heard of IMP Camp before.