With Discovery of New Tick-Borne Illness, Biologists Re-emphasize Prevention

A recent survey on the Cape has revealed Powassan, a potentially fatal disease carried by deer ticks. Despite a growing list of tick-borne diseases in the region, there are no plans for tick surveillance on the Vineyard.

Tick Discussions Around the Island

The Martha’s Vineyard Tick-Borne Illness Reduction Initiative will host a talk at the Chilmark Community Center on Tuesday, August 16.

Genetically-Engineered Mice Explored as New Tool in Fight Against Lyme Disease

Scientists at MIT are hoping to prevent Lyme disease on the Vineyard by releasing large numbers of genetically engineered mice into the wild. The project would still be years down the road.

Study Explores Genetically-Altered Mice to Curb Lyme Disease

As tick-borne diseases continue to be a source of growing public health concern on the Vineyard, a panel discussion convenes Wednesday to discuss a potential new approach to curbing Lyme and other infections.

Deer Culling Discussed Amid Worry Over Tick Diseases

Martha’s Vineyard may soon join a growing list of communities in New England that have taken aim at white-tailed deer to reduce tick populations.

Lone Star Ticks Spread on Island, Posing New Disease Threat

With funding for the Island’s tick-borne illness reduction initiative soon to end, health agents and others face an uphill battle in stemming the advance of lone star ticks, which have gained a foothold.

Understanding Lyme Disease

When you can go for a walk without wearing gloves, it’s time to take precautions.

More Deer Equals More Lyme Disease

There appears to be considerable confusion about ticks, the role of their different host animals and what can be reasonably be done to reduce the high incidence of Lyme disease.

Spare the Deer, Spoil the Tick Population

Our Island and neighboring areas are faced with a full-blown epidemic of these diseases. Accordingly, we need to plan and act.

In Push North, Lone Star Ticks Plant Flag on Chappy

Cape Pogue resident Donald Greenstein has been finding lone star ticks on his property for years, but never in their current numbers. Island biologist and tick expert Richard Johnson surveyed the property and said he found 30 lone star ticks with 1,000 feet.