Car Strikes Utility Pole, Drunken Driving Charge Follows

A Los Angeles man was arrested on drunken driving charges early Sunday morning after the vehicle he was driving crashed into a utility pole, police said.

Moped Driver Killed in Up-Island Collision

The driver of a moped was killed Wednesday afternoon in an accident on State Road involving a moped and a truck. The accident took place two days before the Fourth of July holiday as the Island was beginning to fill with people and traffic.

Driver Cited After His Car Struck House

Edgartown police responded to a one-car accident Sunday in which a car struck the corner of a house on Pinehurst Road, police said.

Man Pulled Safely From Harbor After Driving Truck Off Chappy Ferry Ramp

A Chappaquiddick man and his truck were safely rescued from the Edgartown harbor late Monday morning after the man drove off the ferry ramp on the Chappy side and landed in the water. The incident prompted an immediate call to emergency responders including police, fire and rescue, and attracted a small crowd around the harbor on Memorial Day.

No Major Injuries, Square Rigger Spared in Sunday Morning Accident

A woman passed out and drove a truck off the road Sunday morning, police said, with the truck stopping just short of hitting the Square Rigger restaurant.

No Lobsters Yet, But Net Result Owners Vow to Rebuild Quickly

A weekend car crash left the popular fish market in ruins and closed to its customers this week. Recovery is taking longer than anticipated, but owner Louis Larsen remains optimistic.

Net Result Closed for Business Following Early Morning Car Crash

Abraham Torres Rendon, 25, is facing charges of drunken driving, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, speeding and leaving the scene of property damage, among others, in connection with the incident that left the fish market in ruins.

West Tisbury Officer Facing Charges Following Accident

A Falmouth clerk magistrate found probable cause to bring two criminal complaints against Russell R. Ventura, who was off duty when his vehicle hit a tree on Edgartown-West Tisbury Road on the night of Jan. 16. He is on leave without pay from the department.

Edgartown Investigates Traffic Accident Involving Police Officer

A West Tisbury police officer has been placed on paid leave after being cited for a drunken driving in a Thursday night car crash.

Car Pulled from Sunset Lake After Motor Vehicle Mishap

An Oak Bluffs man was uninjured after he drove his Audi into Sunset Lake Friday night, Oak Bluffs police said.