Blast from the Past: Time Capsule Holds 50-Year-Old Memories
Heather Hamacek

In 1967, sixth graders at the Tisbury school created a time capsule, filling a metal box and sealing it away into the wall of the library. On Saturday, some of those students gathered to open it.

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Mind and Body Travel Together
On Tuesday, March 17, Elliott Dacher, MD, will present a talk at the Vineyard Haven Public Library called The Meeting of Science and Spirit: Implications for Health and Healing.
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Sunday Hours Resume at Vineyard Haven Library
The Vineyard Haven library has announced that its Sunday hours and programs resume on Oct. 19. The library will be open from noon to 4 p.m. on Sundays throughout the winter, except for a few holiday weekends.
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Examining Tolstoy's War and Peace
Philip Weinstein, a literature professor at Swarthmore College, taught a six-part course on Faulkner last fall. Coming up it's Tolstoy's War and Peace.
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Oscar Nominated Film Series at the Library
The Vineyard Haven Public Library begins a Tuesday film series showcasing the Oscar nominated films on April 1.
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Pipelines and Pulitzers
Pulitzer prize-winning author Tony Horwitz will lead a discussion surrounding his new ebook BOOM: Oil, Money, Cowboys, Strippers, and the Energy Rush that Could Change America Forever.
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Music History Comes to Life Through Film Series
The Vineyard Haven Public Library begins a six-week long film and lecture series entitled America’s Music: A History of Our Popular Music from Blues to Bluegrass to Broadway on Wednesday, Jan. 22, at 7:30 p.m.
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Honoring Mandela
The Vineyard Haven library hosts a two-part series in honor of the late Nelson Mandela with the film Invictus and a discussion with author and photographer Alan Brigish, who grew up in South Africa.
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Rediscovering Beatrix Potter
Betsy Bray will present a talk entitled Beatrix Potter: A Woman Ahead of Her Time about the author and illustrator of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and other children’s classics.
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Dedicating a Life to Faulkner's Genius
Olivia Hull
This fall, as the weather cools and many turn indoors poised to pick a book off the bookshelf and lose themselves in another world, Aquinnah resident Philip Weinstein hopes it will be a Faulkner novel.

His wish is likely to be granted, with more than 60 Islanders signed up for a course he’s offering this fall at the Vineyard Haven Library. Discovering Faulkner’s Fiction begins on Sept. 24 and will explore three of Faulkner’s best-regarded works over a series of four classes.

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