Gone Camping: New Look, New Name for Iconic Wesley Hotel
Heather Hamacek

The 137-year-old Wesley Hotel has been reborn as Summercamp, combining history and whimsy with splashes of color. The hotel reopened Thursday.

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Boutique Chain Buys Wesley Hotel
Steve Myrick
The Wesley Hotel in Oak Bluffs will be sold to Lark Hotels, a boutique chain which operates in New England coastal communities.
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Wesley Hotel Stands Tall in the Harbor
Sydney Bender
Four words are carved in a wooden block sign hung above the door frame in Peter Martell’s Oak Bluffs office. Ever Ready. Ever Willing. Mr. Martell is one of the co-owners of the Wesley Hotel, the oldest hotel on Martha’s Vineyard. Along with George Fisher and Richard Kelley, he bought the hotel in 1985 from Paul Chase. The three men renovated it for nine months and reopened for business in the spring of 1986.
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