The coming of the New York Yacht Club cruising fleet stirs never-to-be-forgotten memories. It is bewildering to realize how many persons cannot recall this scene, not having been born at the time, and thus cannot without difficulty follow a description by one whose emotions were deeply stirred by the sight sixty-five years ago.
The fleet did not always rendezvous at Vineyard Haven, yet that harbor was favored and the club’s own shore base was erected on the Eastville shore maintained by a club steward who was a year-round resident of Oak Bluffs.


It’s just a hundred years ago that the cruising squadron of the New York Yacht Club paid its first visit to Martha’s Vineyard, and the schooner America was among them. And so the rendezvous set for today in Edgartown harbor completes a sort of neat historical package, even to the coming of the yachts from among which the defenders of the America’s Cup will be selected.


The New York Yacht Club fleet which first came into Edgartown harbor in 1858, fourteen years after the founding of the club, will again resume its visits to Edgartown harbor this weekend. According to their schedule, the fleet will be at New London, Conn., tomorrow, will spend the following two days at Newport, and then will race to Edgartown. After the weekend in Edgartown, the fleet will set out at 9:30 on Monday for Mattapoisett, and will return to Newport for Aug. 19 and 20.


A Newport correspondent of the New York Post says: -
“The members of the yacht squadron which arrived here on Monday night from the East gave a funny account of their adventures,” and he goes on to state the particulars of their forming an acquaintance with the ladies of Edgartown, the ball, &c. Being detained by the weather from proceeding to Nahant, and feeling ennui in their protracted stay, they hoped to obtain some relief by reception on shore. We quote as follows: -