An Elegy for Wasque, Eroded and Closed
Brad Woodger

Wasque is gone.

A great human conceit is to measure time in lifetimes. Regardless of what has existed long before us, and what will exist long after — our time is our time. So Wasque, as we know her, is gone. She may come back, may reform or even expand, but not in our lifetime. So we mourn her passing from our lives.

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Brad Woodger




I’m back. I know — I said I was leaving, and even made a big deal about going. But the lure of the column game (and its big money) proved too great a draw.

So much has changed on Chappy since I left. I notice that the seagulls, feeling the return of winds of fortune beneath their wings, are now wearing top hats and sporting gold watch fobs — which is foolish because seagulls don’t have pockets.

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