At the Bridge Table: July 12

What is a “weak freak”? Sounds like someone you wouldn’t want to hang with.

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At the Bridge Table: July 5

Here are some hands that can be bid two different ways:

Sitting South and dealing, with no one vulnerable, you hold:

♠️ K Q 10 4

♥️ K Q 3

♦️ Q 6 4

♣️ 9 6 2

What do you bid:

A.—A lot of people would open any 12-point hand. Others would follow the

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At the Bridge Table: June 28

Discovering a 4-4 fit in a major suit can produce excellent contracts. Unfortunately, many players don’t know how to search for the match.

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At the Bridge Table

Winning in bridge involves not only playing well but recognizing when you get a gift from the opponents.

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Six Sacrifices to Make Life a Little Better

Most Americans willingly sacrifice. More than half of us make charitable contributions every year.

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Bridge Column: Sept. 8

Scoring 75 percent or better in bridge is such a feat that the Bridge Bulletin lists all 75+ scores in its monthly issue.

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Bridge Column: Sept. 1

Continuing our discussion about Losing Trick Count, we’re going to advance into auctions involving LTC.
Losing tricks count only in a suit contract with a trump fit. They’re determined by how many missing honors you have other than ace, king, and queen. You’ll recall that there is also one loser in a suit if you have a singleton other than an ace, two losers in a doubleton other than AX or KX, and three losers in a 3+ suit with no ace, king, or queen. Don’t count more than three losers because someone probably will ruff the fourth round.

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Bridge Column: August 25

You’ve read here before about the losing-trick count (LTC). Now I’m going to explain in more detail how it works.

The LTC applies to suit contracts. When there’s a suit fit, you want to establish how many losers there are in each hand. Typically, a minimum one-bid to start the auction shows seven losers. If responder has no more than seven, you’re probably in good shape to bid 4H or 4♠️ if a major-suit fit exists.

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Bridge Column: August 18

What was going on here? I was sitting North-South with Paul Laliberte and east was dealing, with East-West vulnerable:

                                   NORTH (me)
                                  ♠️8 4
                                  ♥️ 6 4 3
                                  ♦️ 3
                                  ♣️ A 10 9 8 4 3 2

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Bridge Column: August 11

Peggy Malaspina and Derrick Niederman, who arrived at our little slice of heaven from Charleston, SC, are leading players who have won pairs events at the regional level.

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