Steve Donoghue

Vineyard Bookshelf: The Sweetest Days

The Sweetest Days by John Hough Jr., Gallery Books, 2021, 352 pages, $27.

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Vineyard Bookshelf: Master of Revels

Master of Revels: A Return to Neal Stephenson’s D.O.D.O. by Nicole Galland, William Morrow, 2021, 541 pgs., $29.99.

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Vineyard Bookshelf: M/V Islander: Resurrection

Kevin Parham's new novella brings back the M/V Islander, which was decommissioned in 2007, in a fictional tale about the beloved ferry.

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Vineyard Bookshelf: The 19th Hijacker

The 19th Hijacker, James Reston’s 19th book, follows a long list of both fiction and nonfiction titles that take as their subject matter the terrorist attacks on America on 9/11.

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