Eric Adams
Jeanna Shepard

In the wake of the George Floyd killing and protests around the world, host Eric Adams began interviewing Martha’s Vineyarders, both year-round and seasonal, black and white, about race. A therapist raised by a white mother and a black father, Mr. Adams drew on his experience with people in recovery to help his guests explore the unique experiences that shaped their lives.

In a series of interviews to be released weekly on Fridays, Mr. Adams presents these conversations to encourage listeners to shed their old beliefs about race and make room for a new understanding of its impact and implications.

Shed is brought to you by the Vineyard Gazette. The audio engineer is Dana Edelman.  Shed is produced by Chris Fischer and Amy Schumer. Bill Eville edited the podcast for the Vineyard Gazette. Episodes were recorded in the fall of 2020 on Martha's Vineyard.

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