An inboard perspective of the Charles W. Morgan. Research indicated that most of the above-deck surfaces were painted ocher, which the masts and yards were white. Davits, wooden timbers fastened to the sides of the ship, held whaleboats. Courtsey of Mystic Seaport.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Charles W. Morgan, the last surviving whaling ship, has been extensively restored at the Henry B. duPont Preservation Shipyard at Mystic Seaport. She has been restored to the era when she was rigged as a bark, meaning she had square sails on two of her three masts. Parts of the Charles W. Morgan were unique to a whaling ship, like the tryworks that was used to render blubber into oil. In other ways the ship was just a working sailboat, built to house the captain and crew during lengthy voyages around the world.

From fore to aft, here's a tour of the Charles W. Morgan.


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