Shoppers made it along Circuit avenue with umbrellas. Mark Alan Lovewell

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Vineyard got a heavy dose of summer rain on Wednesday. Showers spread across the Island from Aquinnah to Chappaquaddick. It wasn't always raining from one spot to another. Localized showers moved quickly from the Southwest to the Northeast. In one minute, the rain was heavy, like someone had emptied a full bucket. Minutes later, the sun poked through the clouds. Downpours returned again and again, with little warning.

Gutters rattled. Windows became obscured by fog. Roadways turned into fast moving streams.

Edgartown's popular Bend in the Road Beach was vacant, except for one swimmer. In Oak Bluffs pedestrians dashed between buildings, and between vehicles and buildings. Many had umbrellas, most did the mad dash without. Cars moved slowly.

The forecast is for sunny skies ahead. Farmers got what they've wanted for weeks . . . a good soaking.


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