A copper-white streak across the field,

Darting through dunes, power to wield . . .

A Brittany spaniel at home on the moors

Not of French, but Vineyard shores.

Like a king atop ridges he’d survey his land,

Alert ears, tail — and again sail the sand.

When he did pause and gaze with amber eyes

Upon those he loved, with his soul so wise . . .

’Twas clear Copper to no other could compare:

He was smarter, faster, so very rare.

A great spirit and knowing sage was he;

A quiet companion with agility

To buoy his carefree summer spree:

An image of Life, of Joy, of What Might Be.

Look out the window, look out toward the sea . . .

With the wind you’ll see Copper, running free.

For Copper, Jan. 19, 1995-Sept. 4, 2006

— Holly Hodder Eger