White Flower Parade

Owing largely to the mild winter and wet spring, this is a good year for blossoms. And right now white blossoms rule. Shadbush has been in bloom for two weeks. Wood anemones form carpets in woodlands and edge places of the Vineyard. White narcissus, the late blooming bulbs that are naturalized in many places on the Island, are just about gone by. Wild dogwood is blooming over North Road in West Tisbury and Chilmark, its creamy blossoms a distraction for drivers. White violets — more rare than their regal purple counterparts — can be found in Edgartown backyards.

Soon to come are cow parsnip, low and high bush blueberry, common strawberries, swamp dewberries and a variety of daisies including oxeye and fleabane.

It all adds up to a stunning white flower parade that promises to last well into summer.