November 5, 2008

The horse is Obama

The geese are Obama

The green field is Obama

The trees on the ridge are Obama

The clouds are Obama

The blue sky is Obama

The woman who cries is Obama

The boy who became a man is Obama

The husband who is away is Obama

The friend who says wow is Obama

The black woman who voted for McCain is Obama

The president who was the stupid child is Obama

The daughter who saves lives is Obama

Her dog who chases balls is Obama

Her black Forester is Obama

My green Jeep Liberty is Obama

The tears of Jesse Jackson are Obama

The smiles of two women are Obama

The two young daughters are Obama

The truth of Michelle is Obama

The unborn child is Obama

The nickel and dime are Obama

Sorting out the economy is Obama

Ending the wars is Obama

Wisdom is Obama

Sadness and loss are Obama

Persistance is Obama

Not failing is Obama

The American curtain opened last night

as easily as making history seems to be

after it’s made, and time divided

between everything before Obama

and after.

— Fan Ogilvie