Note: The  Heath Hen, once a plentiful bird throughout New England, was last seen by James Green in West Tisbury on March 11, 1932.


The Ballad Of Boomin’ Ben

(The Tragic Tale of the Last Heath Hen)

I looked for my lady,

hoped she was near

playing “hard-to-get” games

in the Spring of that year.


I searched and I searched 

under brush, by the sea;

I thought I would find her


(I knew she loved me). . .


I whistled and called,

did all kinds of things:

fluffed up my feathers,

flapped fast my wings...


wrote a love poem,

looked about for a daisy,

danced all around . . .

and nearly went crazy

pounding the earth

with a boom-de-boom sound,

but alas, my sweet lady . . .

was not to be found!


I gave it my best

(believe me, I tried)


but at last I lay down, 


and I cried and I cried


’til I wore myself out . . .

and then I just died!

— Ruth Adams