Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

If Laurie David and C. Dean Metropolous think that they are stewards of the environment, we are in deep, deep trouble. First we have Ms. David, supposed environmentalist, and her landscaper saying they knew nothing of the strip-mining project on her property, and then we have Mr. Metropolous on Cow Bay clear-cutting sensitive conservation land with the lame excuse that he’s donated money to the Farm Institute and cares about the environment.

With the measly fines, which of course don’t put a dent in their pocketbooks, what hope is there for us to save our beautiful Island from these self-serving hypocrites. Thank God, we do have conservation agents on the Island who do the best they can. But how can they police everything that has happened and is happening? Poor Martha.

Shawn Taylor-Scherer

Oak Bluffs


Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

The Oak Bluffs board of selectmen would like to thank Vineyard Pedicab of Oak Bluffs for giving us such a pleasant ride in the parade on the Fourth of July. I can’t think of a better way to

participate in the parade and I hope many people get to experience the quiet comfort of a ride with them (it’s free). Not only do they promote green travel, but they donate a substantial amount of their tips to fund cancer research. Our congenial providers of locomotion, John and Kevin, would make their mothers proud.

Greg Coogan


Board of Selectmen

Oak Bluff


Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Kudos to Jean Kelleher for her spot-on op-ed piece in last Friday’s Gazette. It is a piece that took great courage to write.

The issue of parental involvement on the Island, as well as elsewhere, is so important that it is the challenge being given to the medical and graduate nursing students this fall for their annual rural health scholars rotation program. The students are here for two weeks and are given a subject by the Dukes County Health Council, which they are to investigate from different angles and arrive at conclusions that will benefit our community.

The students do independent research and interview members of the medical, educational and law enforcement communities as well as citizens who might be affected by their project. They then give a PowerPoint presentation to the council highlighting their findings, conclusions and suggestions. We have been fortunate to have this arrangement with the medical school for several years and have benefited greatly from their former recommendations. Some valuable changes have occurred on the Island as a result of their suggestions.

We hope this year they will shed some light on the reasons for the lack of parental involvement and have valuable input for the Island. We look forward to their visit and their report. And, again, applause for Jean Kelleher and her thoughts.

Patsy McCornack Vineyard Haven


Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Thanks from the Daybreak Clubhouse to Paul Bangs, captain, Ralph M. Packer Co. and Charlie Blair, Edgartown harbor master for their generous hosting of clubhouse members and staff on July 4. Mr. Bangs captained the tug, Sirius, with Daybreak folks on board for front row seats to the Edgartown fireworks. The tug is owned by the Ralph M. Packer Co. Charlie Blair made the Edgartown wharf available for pick-up and drop-off. The community dedication by these folks is exemplary and appreciated. Thank you.

Jonathan Burke

Vineyard Haven


Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

In May, although he knew the town of Oak Bluffs was facing a $500,000 budget shortfall and a $700,000 shortfall for the fiscal year beginning July 1, because of the 15 per cent reduction in state aid, the harbor master provided the East Chop Beach Club with what amounts to a $14,500 subsidy by renewing 20 mooring permits for $3,500 and permitting the club to rent these moorings to its members for $18,000, “pocketing” the $14,500 profit. As harbor master, he could (and should) have not renewed these permits on the grounds that last season the club did not place on these moorings the boats of record, which it owned and which should have been listed on the application forms as the boats of record that would be occupying the moorings, as is required of all mooring permit holders, both by the terms of the application form and by Section 8, subsections F and I of the new harbor regulations.

He then, as provided in said Section 8 (F), could (and should) have managed the 20 moorings as seasonal rentals, renting them directly to club members for $1,500 each (his value estimate), cutting out the middleman and thereby providing the town with $30,000 of badly needed additional revenue.

Joseph Sequeira Vera

Oak Bluffs

and Cambridge