Northeast wind blowin’ whoo whoo

Rain and sleet with wet mixed in snow

The ducks were flyin’ fast and low.

Bam, bam, I heard him down in Quenames Cove

Had to be D.P., wouldn’t you know.

Not long after in the murky dusk

A camouflaged figure with several ducks

Cold and wet right to the skin

But when he got near I could see his grin.

Said hey there you, how did you do?

Okay I guess but not as good as you.

Dried out in the kitchen with a drink or two

Talked about West Tisbury, me, Dan and Soo.

There was a time a little later on

Not all was right, some things were hurt

But Danny came back with courage and fight

At the end of the tunnel he could see the light.

Shortly thereafter came back with spunk

Could he come down looking for deer to hunt?

Sure, we said, you are welcome here

And a little later he came down to hunt deer.

Shot his first buck, first time around.

It would be a sin to forget that grin!

Now Danny had another great side

He gave to the town and friends with pride.

Watched over the kids in the West Tisbury School

And helped all he could by his golden rule.

Worked real hard and was never too tired

To jump into his boots and rush to the fire.

We all miss him, makes us sort of queasy

No one said life would be easy.

Goodbye Dan, you were one hell of a man!

— Flip Harrington and Soo Whiting