Sunrise Sunset

Fri., March 5 6:10 5:36

Sat., March 6 6:09 5:37

Sun., March 7 6:07 5:38

Mon., March 8 6:05 5:39

Tues., March 9 6:04 5:41

Wed., March 10 6:02 5:42

Thurs., March 11 6:00 5:43

Fri., March 12 5:59 5:44

In the week ahead the late night moon moves through the summer constellations. Tonight, the moon is in the zodiacal constellation Libra and rises late in the evening.

On Sunday night, more like early Monday morning, the last quarter moon rises at 1 a.m. in the southeastern sky. The moon is in Scorpius, near the bright red star Antares. The moon spends the rest of the night and nights ahead low in southern sky. In the early hours of Monday and Tuesday mornings, the moon is in the zodiacal constellation Sagittarius.

For those who walk South Beach in the summer, the constellations Scorpius and Sagittarius hover just above the southern horizon after sunset. In March, you’ve got to get outside around 3 a.m. to see them.


The red planet Mars appears high in the eastern sky after sunset. Mars is in Cancer. By 9 p.m., Cancer is almost overhead.

The ringed planet Saturn rises in the eastern sky well after sunset. Saturn is the second brightest celestial object rising in the east. The bright bluish star Spica in Virgo, to the south, is brighter.

Saturn is distinct in that it has a yellowish tint and outshines all the stars nearby.