Chappy Shadow Walk

I took a stroll this morning, before the sun would shine,

down Cape Pogue Ave to Chappy Road, and met a good friend of mine.

Across Dike Bridge and to the beach, we stopped a while to rest,

and each time I turned to look for him, he was always to the west.

We walked along in silence, but I had a lot to say,

past Poucha Pond along the shore until we reached Katama Bay.

We gazed upon the waves and beach, then walked among the dunes,

My friend went missing for awhile, it must have been near noon.

The warmth I felt from the afternoon sun would slowly fade away,

I spoke about my best friends passing, I had a lot to say.

We trekked up Wasque Ave and my friend was now to the east,

the darkness soon came upon us, I felt a sense of peace.

I walked alone around the corner and remembered to blow the horn,

headed back down Chappy Road again, my friend had long since gone.

We all have friends as good as mine, they listen more than talk,

you will meet them on any sunny day, just go out and take a walk.

— Steve Oliveira

Fall River