The Pilgrims survived!

For this they praised the Lord

And thanked their Indian friends

Who taught them how to live

In this different land.

Like them we pause,

From daily toil and furrowed brow relieved,

To feast and laugh and play and rest,

And tell ourselves how much we’re blessed

In this hopeful land.

Could they have known,

Long years ago, where Moses’ trek would lead:

Stiletto heels and MTV,

The GAP and Burger King,

In this Promised Land?

If so, I’m sure

They also saw ten thousand selfless acts,

The sacrifices meant to build

One commonwealth of equal rights,

In this Justice Land.

The Exodus

Has been for us the mold in which was cast

The stories of a billion quests,

Desires composed of rainbow hues,

In this holy land.


We’re searching still for ways to reconcile

The selfish side of greed indulged

And chances for all ranks of men,

In this open land.

So, we’re not there,

Wherever there may be.

Like Lincoln, though, I’m sure it’s true

Our search itself is what must last,

In this freedom land.

— Sheldon Hackney