The following is an open letter to Brian Roberts, chief executive officer of Comcast:

Dear Mr. Roberts:

As the chief executive of a large communications network you can appreciate the importance of having access to 21st century technology. As a homeowner on Martha’s Vineyard you can also appreciate how important that technology is to both seasonal as well as year-round residents.

Comcast currently does not serve many areas of the Island, leaving them without high-speed internet access. Adelphia, the Island’s cable service provider prior to Comcast, obtained a contract exempting them from the obligation of providing service to Chappaquiddick. We on Chappaquiddick as well as other areas of the Island are very concerned that history is about to repeat itself.

During a recent Islandwide meeting with communications representatives of the Island’s towns, Comcast representatives provided a detailed list of all the homes on Martha’s Vineyard without current access to cable service and the estimated cost to those residents for obtaining it. There was not a single Chappaquiddick home on the list.

NStar has recently replaced conduits Comcast could easily use for passing cable to Chappaquiddick from Edgartown. We have been told for many months that Comcast is in negotiation with NStar about obtaining access to these conduits, some of which are unused. Thus far no contracts have been signed by any of the parties.

Of concern to us on Chappaquiddick is the fact no one has been willing to make even a verbal guarantee we will have access to an essential service other taxpaying citizens of Martha’s Vineyard have enjoyed for years.

As a member of the Martha’s Vineyard community and the CEO of Comcast, we would appeal to you for your involvement and assistance. Please do not allow history to repeat itself and leave Chappaquiddick and other areas of the Vineyard on the sidelines again.

Dennis Goldin, Johnathan Cobb,

Bob O’Rourke, Chris Trancynger