A longtime member of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission moved last night to reconsider the vote on the roundabout.

“This is going to be our last opportunity to reconsider this decision,” said Leonard Jason Jr. “We have a chance, in my mind, to put the bullet back in the gun.” The comments came at the regular commission meeting last evening.

The commission voted narrowly two weeks ago to approve the controversial traffic improvement for the blinker intersection in Oak Bluffs. The vote was 7-6. Mr. Jason was a vocal opponent.

Last night Mr. Jason pushed to rescind the commission’s vote.

But in a point of order, commissioner Chris Murphy said the vote could not take place last night because two of the commissioners who had participated in the original vote on the roundabout — Holly Stephenson and Ned Orleans — were not present and had not been properly notified that Mr. Jason would make his motion.

Mrs. Stephenson voted in favor of the roundabout; Mr. Orleans voted against it. Mr. Murphy cast the deciding vote and tie-breaker.

Mr. Murphy said the commission can decide at its next meeting on Nov. 3 whether to rescind the vote on the roundabout.

If the vote is rescinded by a simple majority, it would not amount to a rejection of the project but would a nullify the first vote. The commission could then reconsider the project.