In the wake of the overwhelming votes this spring in five Island towns against the controversial roundabout project, a longtime member of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission has called for the regional planning agency to revisit its own position on the plan.

At the end of the MVC meeting Thursday night, Leonard Jason Jr. announced his intention to request a new vote on the controversial roundabout planned for the blinker intersection in Oak Bluffs.

“How do we address the fact that in five towns, 70 per cent voted not to do it?” Mr. Jason said, referring to the nonbinding referendum votes in five towns. “I feel those are our constituents and they spoke,” he said.

The commission voted to extend the meeting past 10 p.m. to discuss the issue, though some were less amenable to the discussion.

“I think that’s ridiculous,” said commissioner Doug Sederholm.

“I can’t see reversing a project six months after its been approved,” said commissioner Fred Hancock, suggesting it would open up a can of worms.

In October, the MVC approved the roundabout by a single vote. One month later Mr. Jason, who has been a vocal opponent of the project, led a move to rescind the vote. That vote was close, but the decision to support the project stood.

After a procedural discussion and some concerns about precedent Thursday night, commission chairman Chris Murphy said all Mr. Jason had to do was announce his intention to call a vote.

“We’re looking at an opportunity to do what I think is the right thing,” Mr. Jason said.

Mr. Jason said he will make a motion to rescind the earlier roundabout decision at the commission’s next meeting on Thursday, June 21.