Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

A beautiful memorial celebration was held by Mimi Teixeira Robinson for her late husband Julian and her dear sister Carolyn Teixeira at Farm Neck on August 5.

We all know about the creative genius of witty Julian with his in-depth talent and knowledge of photography, birding and poetry. This was his retirement life on the Vineyard, but his pre-retirement years were equally fulfilling and rewarding. Julian was a genius in all he pursued and he received many awards during his active career.

Mimi’s dear sister Carolyn was equally talented in her fields. She was a gifted elementary school teacher in the Wellesley school system. She then came to Newton to introduce and run the new math workshops. Following this she returned to Wellesley as elementary school principal.

Carolyn was an avid reader, a great conversationalist and extensive world traveler, a commanding bridge player and Madame de Farge with her cable knitting. Consider yourself blessed if you possess one of her creative works of art.

Thank you, Mimi, for sharing their rich lives with us.

Claudia Bowser

Oak Bluffs