Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

The Polar Bears of Martha’s Vineyard is a 70-year-old social organization that promotes the joys of our early morning swim and fellowship at the Inkwell Beach in Oak Bluffs. We open our arms to all who wish to enjoy our swimming and exercise activities. Unfortunately many have sought to profit from our activities by photographing and videotaping our activities and rituals for their own purposes. Recently a business called Inkwellnessmv violated and exploited the good faith and openness of the Polar Bears by using our name, images and rituals in the introduction of Inkwellnessmv products to Martha’s Vineyard.
The Polar Bears of Martha’s Vineyard are notifying the Martha’s Vineyard community that we are not associated with nor do we endorse Inkwellnessmv products. We have asked that Inkwellnessmv immediately destroy any and all videotaping and photography taken of the Polar Bears, our members, our exercise circle, our songs, our rituals and activities. We have also asked that Inkwellnessmv immediately remove the Polar Bears’ name and any mention of the Polar Bears, our members and activities from the Inkwellnessmv website, and from any and all marketing for the Inkwellnessmv products that imply any connection with the Polar Bears of Martha’s Vineyard. These activities were done without notice or specific permission of the Polar Bears. We will continue our daily activities at the Inkwell Beach in good faith with the hope that our activities will not be exploited or used for profit.
Caroline Hunter, Oak Bluffs