In their mock election Tuesday, Vineyard high schoolers voted overwhelmingly for President Obama.

The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School cafeteria served as a polling station for a mock presidential election Tuesday afternoon; 25 per cent of enrolled students cast ballots.

History teacher Andrew Vandall said his leadership class initiated the mock election where about 700 students were able to vote during lunch.

Out of the 177 students who participated, 155 voters marked their ballots for Barack Obama.

The leadership class created and displayed four bulletin boards, two for each presidential candidate.

“We put up the candidates’ platforms about tax reform, women’s rights, foreign and domestic policy, the war in Iraq and renewable energy,” said Mr. Vandall. “We wanted the kids to get a good idea of who the candidates are.”

Mr. Vandall said that for the past two weeks the election has been a subject for study in social studies classes.

In freshmen and sophomore U.S. history classes, the students have been studying domestic policy, the history of democracy and the history of elections in the country.

In junior and senior global studies classes, the students have focused on foreign policy and emerging democracies.

“Every student at every level got something about the election in history class,” said Mr. Vandall.