Friday, June 21: Sunny and clear. There is no question, the first day of summer feels like summer. Temperature rises to the mid-70s. A couple of beach umbrellas line Joseph Sylvia State Beach in the afternoon. Summers’ first swimmers take to the water in the afternoon. Pretty late afternoon. Colorful sunset.

Saturday, June 22: Partly cloudy in the morning. Strong southwest wind builds in the late morning. Large waves roll in at South Beach. Wind dies down late in the afternoon. Night is overcast. Skies lighten as a large full moon tries to poke through the clouds.

Sunday, June 23: A hazy, clear sunny morning. Blessing of the Fleet is held in Menemsha under cloudless skies. Strong breeze over the water. Patrons enjoy eating lobsters outdoors in Menemsha. Breezy. Sun sets behind a thick cloud bank.

Monday, June 24: Foggy morning. Skies clear. Hot. Temperature rises to 80s. Late afternoon swimmers gather at the Bend in the Road Beach in Edgartown. A clambake takes place on the edge of the beach, near a dune. Oak Bluffs campground residents listed as music fills the Tabernacle. Dappled sunlight touches the ground under the tall oak trees.

Tuesday, June 25: Blue skies. Westerly breeze in the morning, shifts in afternoon to southerly. Another hot and hazy day. Rain arrives late just before midnight. Heavy rain.

Wednesday, June 26: Rain stops as quickly as it began, a few minutes after midnight. Mostly overcast until dawn. Clearing. The morning is hot. Temperature reaches the high 70s before 9 a.m. A hot and summer-like day. Wind from the west. A light breeze offers some relief in downtown Edgartown at the lunch hour.

Thursday, June 27: Morning fog. The forecast is for another hot, muggy summer day with a likely chance of a passing shower or thundershower.