Friday, July 5:

Hot and sunny. Strong southwest wind. Large and small sailboats handle the winds by reefing their sails. Competitive sailing in the outer waters of Edgartown Harbor. Spinnakers come out in afternoon. Pretty evening. Starry night.

Saturday, July 6:

Sunrise over Nantucket Sound. Fishermen line the jetty at the Big Bridge, hoping to catch a fish before 7 a.m. Breezy day. Winds reach over 15 knots with gusts approaching 20. A 36.5-foot sailboat sits idle on Norton Point Beach, motionless. Just like a parking lot, off-road vehicles line Norton Point, South Beach, near Mattakesett. Perfect beach day afternoon.

Sunday, July 7: A calm morning at Lobsterville Beach. No-see-ums amid the sand dunes. Idle tractor sits on a just mowed field. Hay season. Light westerly breeze over Edgartown harbor. Breeze picks up by noon. The hottest day so far this summer. Temperature rises to the high 80s in the shade. Sailboat speeds out of Vineyard Haven harbor in the afternoon, under mostly clear skies. Monday, July 8:

Overcast morning in Edgartown. Skies clear. Not as hot. Daylilies are in full bloom along an Edgartown road. Roses. Partly sunny afternoon.

Tuesday, July 9: Edgartown is under thick clouds in the morning. Skies clear in West Tisbury. Bright and sunny near Long Point beach. Large rollers pound the beach. Only a few swimmers. Partly sunny afternoon. Temperature rises to the 80s. Maritime humid. Terns hunt for bait fish in the Vineyard Haven harbor at dusk. Schooner Alabama returns from an afternoon sail. Wednesday, July 10: Overcast in the morning. Few light sprinkles. Skies clear before noon. Hazy and hot afternoon. Rain maybe. Thursday, July 11:

The forecast is for another sunny warm day, with a 50 per cent chance of a passing thunderstorm, or a summer shower.