Friday, July 19:

Hazy. Fog over Edgartown harbor. A hot sun burns through the fog for a warm, sunny summer morning. The sky over Dogfish Bar is filled with avian friends, flying terns. Strong wind at the Gay Head cliffs overlook.

Saturday, July 20:

Breezy morning. More than 50 sailboats leave Edgartown harbor to participate in the Round the Island Race. Spinnakers are unfurled at the start of the race. Holy Ghost Association’s feast is a big success under partly sunny skies, not as warm as in past days. Oak Bluffs harbor is full, with participants in the shark tournament.

Sunday, July 21:

Skies darken after a brief start to the morning. Thunder. Heavy rainshower. Oak Bluffs roads are flooded by the deluge. A drum roll on Vineyard avenue. Fire truck sirens fill the town. Rain again just before noon. A significantly cooler evening. Temperature drops to the mid-60s. Monday, July 22: A partly cloudy morning. A day for hedge clipping in Edgartown under clear skies. A tractor moves slowly, picking up bales of hay, off the Edgartown West Tisbury Road. Hazy horizon south of the Vineyard.

Tuesday, July 23:

A hot sunny day. Temperature rises to the 80s. Hazy sunshine at South Beach. Bicycle accident at Katama under clear skies and light breeze. A southwest wind.

Wednesday, July 24:

A still morning in Edgartown harbor. A gentle westerly breeze barely lifts the flag above Memorial Wharf. Winds are variable in late morning. Deep blue sky overhead.

Thursday, July 25:

The forecast is for increasing clouds with a chance of rain in the afternoon. Mild temperature.