Friday, August 9:

Overcast. Light rain. Fishermen line the shoreline to the Lagoon Pond drawbridge early. A fleet of motor boats and sailboats are anchored off the Beach Road, in Vineyard Haven. Schooner Alabama is in the harbor.

Saturday, August 10:

Mostly sunny. Few clouds on the horizon. A fleet of 12-metre sailboats race in Nantucket Sound. Ideal sailing weather. Oak Bluffs harbor is chock full of visiting boats. The harbor is a forest of aluminum masts. Sunset walk on the promenade. A breeze contains the pungent smell of fried clams.

Sunday, August 11:

Beach day, not as hot. Early afternoon crowd of jumpers at the Big Bridge at State Beach. Smell of suntan lotion. Blue skies and mild temperatures. Swimmers enjoy a late afternoon swim in Edgartown harbor. 12-metre sailboats are tied up at the Edgartown Yacht Club. Busy harbor. Clear before midnight. Increasing clouds make watching Perseid meteor shower difficult.

Monday, August 12:

Overcast. Brief periods of blue sky. Showers in the late morning. A heavy shower passes over Edgartown before lunch. Occasional drizzle in the afternoon. Holes in the clouds. Blue skies on the horizon, followed by pink skies. A slice of sunset in the west, late. A brief view of the crescent moon in the early evening. Clouds roll back in for an overcast night.

Tuesday, August 13:

A rainy wet foggy summer day in August. The morning starts out with overcast skies and a thick fog over Edgartown harbor. Drizzle. Rain showers at lunch time. Rain, sometimes heavy.

Wednesday, August 14:

The forecast is for sunny skies and a drier northwest wind. Temperature in the mid-70s. Illumination night in Oak Bluffs. The Tabernacle and the surrounding cottages is decorated with lanterns.

Thursday, August 15:

Bright sunshine is in the forecast for the opening day of the agricultural society fair. Fine weather is expected through the weekend.