The Edgartown Library summer reading program this year involved more than 100 children and for the first time reached out to children at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club. The statewide theme was Dig Into Reading.

Leading this summer’s readers at the library was Jason Alpert-Wisnia, who read and reported on 58 books. Brandon Engerman read 33 books and Elizabeth Madsen read 24. Reading more than 15 books each were Whitney Johnson, Sasha Kagan, Ellie Kogan, Brant Maynard, Natasha Muromcew, Mary Muromcew, Simon Rhett and Celia Schaper. Reading at least 10 books were Samantha Barbato, Madison Bennet-Rock, Ella Blodgett, Bella Campoli, Brooke Damnavitz, Evelyn Donahue, Sophia Franklin, Camilla Johnson, Hal Johnson, Claire Killian, Drew Labbe, Alison Laverty, Lauren Laverty, Hannah Madsen, Jackie McCormick, Nikita Muromcew, Zach Murray, Jameson Norwood, Giles Pilkerton, Annie Thomas, Julia Wallach and Samaraa Walshe.

Debby MacInnis, the library’s assistant director and children’s librarian, visited the Boys’ and Girls’ Club once a week with boxes full of books. Summer Riordan led the readers there by finishing 22 books. Reading at least 10 books were Savannah Bradshaw, Joey Cyedski, Leiliane Dias, Rebeccca Mahdelli, Madison Mello, Hawany Ribeiro, Summer Riordan and Mackenzie Shaw.