Regarding your recent headline, “Stop & Shop Agrees to Pay Tisbury $1.16 Million,” are you sure the decimal was printed correctly? Surely there is an error. Am I to understand that my town’s selectmen, in Tristan Israel’s absence, secretly sold the farm for Stop & Shop pocket change? In one year, we have borne witness to the installation of strangely massive power poles, the construction of a prodigious concrete rotary, the eviction of Charlotte Holloman and destruction of her house for a drawbridge, and now Jeffrey Kristal and Jon Snyder are paving the way for an inappropriately sized big-box store. (Incidentally, I support a new Stop & Shop that comports with the size, scale, and needs of the Island; which is precisely why I oppose the proposed plan.) Let me know when Tristan is on vacation again. I own a bridge in New York I’d like to sell to the town.

Daniel Braunstein
Vineyard Haven