I remember driving to church from Chilmark to Vineyard Haven with my family when I was a young boy and one of my favorite highlights was driving by the Mill Pond. My father was very knowledgeable about wildlife and he would enthusiastically teach me the names of the waterfowl and mammals that we might see while passing by in the car. The most exciting time of year was watching a pair of mute swans building their nest and counting the days until the young cygnets hatched.

My father took me trout fishing in this pond and later in life, I took my four children trout fishing there as well.

The Mill Pond has brought joy to so many people for hundreds of years. Seeing an otter or the sight of parents fishing with their children warms my heart and this quick glimpse while driving by in my truck can very well make my day.

A couple of years ago I was photographing some ducks on the pond and I noticed a young man sitting on a bench under some black willow trees by the pond’s edge. During my 30 minutes of photographing I observed the young man from time to time and I surmised that he was troubled and this location he sought out was giving him comfort.

The Mill Pond to me is not just a beautiful part of West Tisbury, it’s a beautiful and educational pond to all who live and visit on Martha’s Vineyard.

There is a lot of sadness in this world and I personally feel that the joy that this sweet pond brings to us all far outweighs the idea of it being returned back to its natural state.

Albert O. Fischer
West Tisbury