These comments were sent to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission regarding the proposal for 10 loft apartments in Post Office Square at the Triangle in Edgartown. While there are several issues regarding this project which are being addressed by other Island citizens, I will comment only on the change in the parking design and the additional spaces.

I am concerned about the main entrance and exit from the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road. The new design calls for additional spaces at both of these locations with parking being perpendicular to the traffic. Currently, there are fewer spaces and they are at an angle. A traffic engineer would be better able to describe the specifics and the additional time it would take for cars to turn into these spaces and to back out. However, as a driver, I am aware that this procedure would take more effort and time.

This new design will cause further backup on the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road from May to October. It will present complicated demands on drivers, bikers and walkers, and will potentially be a serious safety issue.

The increased parking and the new design in an already difficult situation will further adversely impact both year-round citizens trying to go about our daily lives, and summer visitors trying to enjoy our beautiful Island.

One last thought: I remember that the U.S. post office moved out of its location in downtown Edgartown many years ago because of a requirement for more parking. Where does that now stand?

Please consider the impact of the additional parking and its design carefully in making any decision regarding this proposal.

Dianne V. Durawa