During a recent Little League game at Nunes Field in Edgartown, older siblings stepped up to bat as their younger brothers and sisters scrambled around a brand-new playground next door. The bold red, yellow and blue slides and tunnels are the result of $85,000 from Community Preservation Act funds, requested last year by the Edgartown parks department. The funds also paid for new benches next to the playground.

“The structure that was there before was probably twenty years old,” parks coordinator Marilyn Wortman said. “There really was nothing for the toddler-to-first-grade area.”

The playground was ordered in January and installation was completed over April vacation by Edgartown-based O’Brien Fine Home Builders. Mrs. Wortman, along with a “small committee of mothers” and parks commission member Jane Varkonda, selected the colors and equipment.

“There was lots of tweaking,” Mrs. Wortman said. “It’s all done and running.”