Under the late afternoon sun, a group of smiling beachgoers, some from Camp Jabberwocky, others from Beacon Academy, ran into the ocean together. Their laughter and gleeful shouts rose into the air, mixing with the smell of burgers sizzling on a nearby grill. All along the beach, members of Camp Jabberwocky and Beacon Academy introduced themselves and began to connect at a cookout on State Beach.

Camp Jabberwocky and Beacon Academy both have longstanding ties to Martha’s Vineyard, but this cookout marked the first meeting between the two groups. For 61 years, Camp Jabberwocky has been a summer home for children and adults with a wide range of disabilities. Camp Jabberwocky is an intimate community, with campers returning every year, often sleeping in the same bunk for up to 20 years. Counselors are entirely volunteer.

Beacon Academy, which is embarking upon its 10th year, has travelled to Martha’s Vineyard every year to culminate its summer session. Founded by Marsha Feinberg and Cindy Laba, the school provides students from the Boston area a transformational year between eighth and ninth grades to prepare them academically and socially for competitive independent high schools.

Meeting people from Camp Jabberwocky had a profound effect on Beacon’s students. Annabell, a Beacon alumna and current student at Milton Academy, spoke energetically of her experience with Camp Jabberwocky.

“It was so refreshing to see people who were generally present and happy,” she said. “The Jabberwocky campers were so welcoming to Beacon Academy, even though we were visiting their community only for a couple of hours.”

Annabell valued Beacon’s trip to Martha’s Vineyard because it broadened her social skills and allowed her to explore a different community. Like Annabell, this year’s students learned from powerful experiences on the Island. They saw the artistry of Nat Benjamin’s boats, struck up conversations with generous host families, and they heard from Rosabeth Moss Kanter and Alan Dershowitz. Unlike previous classes, though, this year’s Beacon students left with an additional revelation: the strength and joy of Camp Jabberwocky.

Steven, an enthusiastic member of Beacon’s new class, said of his experience, “I really felt something — all of us jumping into the water at the same time.”

Ms. Laba is hopeful that this will be the beginning of a meaningful partnership.

“We were lucky to be introduced to Camp Jabberwocky,” she said.

Hannah Smith attends Brown University and interned at Beacon Academy this summer.