The recent decision by the Massachusetts Court of Appeals acknowledging the rights of the town of Edgartown and the Martha’s Vineyard Commission to restrict development on their ancient roadways gives credence to the residents of the Island who believe in preservation.

Protecting these old roads does much to retain the character of the Island, just as preserving historic buildings, retaining engaging vistas or saving unique parcels of land from development.

The town of Edgartown deserves much credit for following through with this case, supporting the byways committee and the citizens who have unanimously voted to protect these ancient ways.

Thanks to the selectmen and the Martha’s Vineyard Commission for their commitment to the Island. A special thanks to Ron Rappaport for his true belief in the system and to the Vineyard Gazette for their diligent reporting on this case over the last seven years.

I am proud to be a member of a town that cares about preservation and maintaining the character of the Island.

Robert M. Green


The writer is co-chairman of the Edgartown byways committee.