Following months of low rainfall, a drought advisory is now in effect for the Cape and Islands.

Dry ponds and low streams are evident all around the Island.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency announced Tuesday that conditions warrant a drought advisory for southeastern Massachusetts and Cape and Islands water resource management regions.

“Additional rainfall in October is expected to stablize conditions, but the drought advisory will remain in effect until ground water levels return to normal,” the announcement said.

Dry conditions have been persistent on the Island since late summer.

The National Weather Service Cooperative Station in Edgartown documented less than half the normal rainfall amount in August and September. August rainfall was recorded at 1.54 inches, compared to an average of 3.98 inches. In September, 1.68 inches of rain fell, compared to an average of 3.69 inches.

October has exceeded average rainfall amounts. The cooperative station recorded 4.44 inches in October, above the average of 4.09 inches.

But October rain has not been enough to bring conditions back to normal levels for this time of year. The MEMA drought management task force met Oct. 17 and decided to issue the advisory. An advisory is the second least severe of five drought conditions possible and indicates that conditions should be more closely tracked by all levels of government.

The advisory calls also for water officials to be vigilant, especially concerning fire danger and water supply for firefighting. Dry soil conditions could also create difficulties in managing forest fire spread, the advisory said.